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33-Seater Bus Hire – Minibus Hire Stevenage

With the 33-seater bus option from Minibus Hire Stevenage, you no longer have to use multiple vehicles to transport a large travelling group. Whether you are travelling with a school tour group, an employee bonding excursion or a trip with your mates and family; the 33-seater bus is the perfect vehicle for you.

As with all the other vehicles offered by Minibus Hire Stevenage, we only source our 33-Seater from reputable manufacturers with a stellar safety record such as Mercedes Benz, Iveco and Volkswagen. Each of our busses gets a mechanical check-up after every trip to ensure that when you hire it, it is in good working condition.

Some of the defining features that you will enjoy when you hire the 33-seater bus from us include:

i. Unmatched Comfort

The 33-seater bus is well upholstered to ensure that you are comfortable during your trip. All the seats are ergonomically designed, and you have the option to recline your seat and doze off for longer journeys. All seats also come with ample leg and elbow room. Rest assured that you will not be packed in like sardines.

ii. Modern Amenities

As the 33-seater bus is mostly used for mid-range and long range trips, we have taken additional steps to ensure that you, and your travelling group, will be well catered for during the trip. Each of our 33-seater busses has a modern entertainment system that includes a flat-screen TV, a DVD player and a surround sound system. You can enjoy a movie or listen to some tunes as your travel. All buses also come with an air condition system for climate control during extreme weather conditions.

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