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Minibus and Coach Hire Prices – Minibus Hire Stevenage

Are you aware of the law of supply and demand? In short, if there is a scenario where there are many goods or services to be offered in the market, but those who need them are few, then prices will go down as means of enticing people to buy such goods or get served with certain services. The same applies when there is a shortage of goods or certain services in the market, but the demand for them is high. Since they have market control, the suppliers will price these good and services a bit high.

Understanding how minibus pricing works

A lot of people do not understand why they are normally charged more when they travel during peak seasons. Just as the law of supply and demand states, the same applies when it comes to bus ticket prices. If you happen to travel during holidays or peak seasons when everybody is rushing to be at home with family or friends, you will most likely be charged a little bit hire since the supply of buses may not be in a position to meet the demand. Even though we at Minibus Hire Stevenage have some of the most competitive prices in the market, you find that during peak seasons, all the bus companies adjust their prices a little bit higher.

What can you do to get the best rates?

If you want to avoid paying or being charged some extra cash when booking your bus ticket, it is important that you book early. We at Minibus Hire Stevenage run an excellent online booking platform that enables you to book or pay for your tickets early when the prices are still low. In fact, if you book for your tickets early enough, you will get them at discounted rates.


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