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Luxury Coach Hire - Minibus Hire Stevenage

Plan an exciting trip with your business partners or even your children via our Luxury Coach Hire. Partyman World and Laser Kombat Stevenage, as well as other attractions, are easy to get to in style and comfort. Our large Minibus Hire Stevenage fleet gives you a wide range of choices that will keep adults and children happy.

Relaxing Ambience

The decor in each of our Minibus Hire Stevenage buses is designed to help you to relax. Carpeted floors ensure that the noise of busy feet will be reduced while you travel. Windows are tinted, permitting you to enjoy an unhindered view of the city even on hot days.

If you wish to take a nap on your way to the Welwyn Roman Baths, simply close the curtains to block out surrounding sights completely. All of the seats can be adjusted to make you more comfortable while you rest. When you visit the world of the ancient Romans, you will feel refreshed and ready to appreciate this fascinating archaeological site.

With complete padding, your back and legs will be fully supported. The armrests are sturdy and help to preserve your own space and keep you in an ergonomic position if you choose to work while you travel.

Numerous Amenities

Amenities are provided to help you stay focused on work or relaxation as you choose. If you wish, you may turn on the lights overhead to make it easy to read newspapers or review files before you reach your destination. In any situation, you can choose to play music on our audiovisual system.

In addition to the facilities available for playing music or movies, you can use the public address system to communicate with your team members easily. This and many other convenient options make our business travellers more relaxed.

Let our team take care of you. Call us today to book your trip with us.


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