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Minibus Hire Stevenage

Our professional Minibus Hire Stevenage is here to help you with any transportation need that you have in mind. Our competent team is fully trained in all aspects of logistics related to transportation and can offer you excellent advice that helps your event to go smoothly. Whether you are planning an executive meeting for only 10 people or want to transport a large group to a graduation, we can help.

Minibus Hire With Driver

A Minibus Hire With Driver is one of the best ways to get around. We take the hassle out of getting from one place to another, allowing all the members of your group to sit back and relax while you travel to the beach, park, or airport. With our trained drivers at the wheel, you never need to worry about the complexities of driving a vehicle that you are not familiar with.

In new parts of the region, the speed limit may change and zoning may otherwise affect your driving plan. Our drivers are familiar with the laws that apply in every area and plan your route with this in mind. They adhere to road safety rules and get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

Scenic Tours

Our Minibus Hire Stevenage tours are popular among our clients and many look forward to exploring new parts of the country with us. Our drivers know all of the best places to eat in local towns and can even give tips on where to shop, ensuring that you can carry home a souvenir of your tour.

Our buses are an excellent choice for any type of tour and are all air-conditioned for your comfort. With safety in mind, each seat is equipped with a seat-belt and can be adjusted easily to ease tension in tired muscles. Windows are tinted to make it easier to view the passing landscape on hot, sunny days. Speak to our representatives today on the phone about how you can best manage your time on a tour, so you can see as much of Stevenage as possible.

Budget-Friendly Choices

At our Minibus Hire Stevenage, we offer choices that are ideal for larger and smaller groups. Whether you are a business that regularly requires excellent transportation options for small teams or a community group interested in carrying supporters to a football game, we can assist.

Let us help you make your dream of smooth, seamless transportation experience a reality with our 5 seaters, 9 seaters or even a 72 seater coach. The price you pay is well worth it, eliminating the hassle associated with public transportation while you relax in cool comfort.

Prices are calculated based on the distance you travel, so you never pay more than you have to. In fact, with our larger vehicles, you ave even more by transporting every member of your group in just one vehicle. This also helps to protect the environment from unnecessary emissions.

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers to Gatwick and Heathrow are an important part of the service that we offer our clients locally and overseas. Many of our guests fly from other parts of the world and are unfamiliar with driving on roads in the United Kingdom. They may also prefer having the route to their hotel or a meeting planned by an experienced driver, so they do not have any mishaps on the way from Stansted or Luton.

We can pick up your group at any time of the day for quick and convenient transportation to the airport. We can also help with pickups late in the night or the early hours of the morning. You never need to worry about delays, since our drivers will plan your trip to give you adequate time to check in and relax before your flight.

Safe Trips

We emphasise safety on all of our trips. When you are planning a birthday party with a large group of parents and teachers, everyone will arrive at the destination and return home in comfort and with all the proper safety precautions in place.

We take your care very seriously and require that the seatbelts included on our coaches are used during the trip. Your children will feel comfortable in spacious seats that offer them support while taller adults have adequate leg room, ensuring that they are never cramped.

Fire extinguishers are kept on board in case of emergencies and all of our team members know how to use them. First aid kits are also available, ensuring that on your trips to parks and other beautiful natural reserves, you can have minor scrapes quickly attended to.

All of the safety equipment on our buses is regularly inspected. Each is displayed in a prominent position in our spacious buses, making it easy to find and use.

Days And Nights Out

Whether you need to pick up all of your friends for a stag night or your whole family for dinner at a restaurant, our Minibus Hire Stevenage can assist. Our nights out are always fun, since our buses are fitted with audio-visual equipment that allows you to easily plan exciting entertainment while you drive.

We get a lot of our business from customer referrals because of our luxurious buses and your guests will arrive at a hotel, playground, or pub feeling relaxed. We ensure that school trips, corporate events, and fishing trips are stress-free.

Convenient Booking and Payment

Our clients appreciate the options we provide for making bookings with us. Whenever you have time, we are always available via our website. Easily navigate to the relevant sections so that you can select your pick up time, location, the destination, and more. You can even make payments in minutes by using your card on our safe platform.

Clients who wish to discuss options available for their trip with a representative may do so over the phone. The option of making card payments over the phone is also available and if you wish, payments may also be made while on board. Let us help you make your trip a reality. Call our friendly team today.

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